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Prof. C. A. Salahuddin and Prof. Mrs. Azeemunnisa Salahuddin

In loving memory of Prof. C. A. Salahuddin and Prof. Mrs. Azeemunnisa Salahuddin of the University of Karachi (Pakistan) who dedicated their lives to the spread of knowledge, wisdom, and learning, and serving others.

The Salahuddin Education Services is a non-profit organization that began in 1998. This is an organization focused on serving humanity & working on human development mainly through the spread of literacy & education. The primary objective of the organization is the uplifting of all human beings through the long-term method of educational opportunities, especially provided for children.

The organization also conducts as part of its broad based goals of human development, some support programs for food shelter, medicine, and moral support, but the bulk of our efforts are geared towards literacy and education in developing countries --- the first country to benefit from these efforts being Pakistan. As the organization moves towards its goal of 100% literacy in Pakistan, several children are mobilized on the streets of Pakistan to be enrolled in schools --- a life-changing event for them & their entire families. Till yesterday, these children were enveloped in the darkness of ignorance but now they have come under the light of education. Their enthusiasm sees no bounds. They have made immense progress. The Salahuddin education services group has also arranged, in conjunction with local schools, to provide extra tuition services to the children that were admitted to schools at an older age with a focus on tutoring for science, math, and English and some of these children who had never been in schools before secured 1st position after one year of schooling. The amazing strides they make in their studies is our biggest reward. Now, instead of becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, and instead of becoming terrorists and bandits, habits they learn on the cruel streets of their neighborhoods, these children will grow to be mentally and physically sound human beings of substance. The education they are receiving will change their life, their families' lives and their future generations' lives forever. Please join us for a slide show as we observe this life-changing event both for them and us.

Organization as part of its educational support activities also makes donations to seminar libraries for books, etc. and also distributes annual awards to many children in need based on their merit.

Besides the goals of literacy and education, the organization also in general functions as a do gooder group to try and serve everyone for whatever it is they may approach us for. We believe that everyone deserves our help and support and we do our best to offer it when someone approaches us and or also when we come to know of someone in trouble.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • Development & propagation of educational activities, especially for the third world
  • 100% literacy for Pakistan
  • Merit and need-based awards and scholarships to deserving students
  • Humanitarian assistance with food, shelter, clothing and medicine for the needy in the US and abroad
  • Community building and development
  • Promotion of global peace by fostering dialogue and understanding between different racial, ethnic, social, religious, national, and cultural groups

Address: P.O. Box 705, West Chester PA 19381 USA  ·  Email: [email protected]

Our Service
The Salahuddin Education Services is a non-profit organization that began in 1998. It is working daily to encourage and mobilize children on the streets of Pakistan to be in school and their parents on the importance of coaching their children to receive an education.


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